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Tap Into Your Strength

Tackle emotional triggers

Develop your resilience

Build a personal toolkit to strengthen your emotional core

EFT Tapping is easy to learn, easy to do, and effective for calming the mind and body. 



EFT/Tapping for Stress, Anxiety

EFT/Tapping is a simple technique that applies light pressure on meridian points (acupressure points) while connecting with our thoughts to help clarify and manage thoughts and feelings.

EFT/Tapping tells your body it is safe so your heart and mind can relax and process more clearly. Understanding how core beliefs and external triggers can affect our emotions is the first step toward learning self-regulation and stress management. It is an important life skill which is often overlooked.


Individual Support

Tired of being stuck? Overwhelmed? Tapping helps us to relax and gain clarity. We’ll tackle your biggest concerns and transform challenging emotions to help you reach your goals with greater confidence and ease.  

Caregiver Support

Self-care is family care. Take time to get on track.  Tapping will help you manage your body’s response to the stress and anxiety of day to day life.  Weekly groups provide guidance and support to professional and family caregivers.

Peer Support

Tap into the power in numbers. Connect with a small group of peers and discover your inner strength. Tapping will help you build resilience to deal with life as it comes. Let your personal experience help others for endless benefits to you.

If you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety, stress, grief, chronic pain, addictive behaviors, or difficult life choices, EFT can help.

Tap into your strength to add more joy to your life.

Susan Ahlstrom

Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner

My program of support and education includes EFT/Tapping, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Energy Psychology, and other modalities. My qualifications include an MS in Counseling, EFT Practitioner Certification and Reiki Master Teacher Certification. 

I am passionate about sharing my hard-won insights and expertise to teach self-care and effective decision making skills to empower individuals. Every minute of every day offers us choices. How we use our power to choose sets the course for lives. 

I provide a safe and supportive environment for sharing and learning the EFT/Tapping technique. Clients are encouraged to explore the issues and concerns that are holding them back from living life with comfort and ease. I incorporate practical tools such as the Clifton Strengths Finder,  Values Assessment, mindfulness, gratitude practices and other techniques to help clients develop a personal toolkit to navigate the ups and downs of daily life.

Caregiver Support

Taking care of your emotional needs is an important part of caring for your family, patients, students, or others. There can often be tension between feeling inspired by the work and feeling powerless about the things outside of one’s control. Tapping can assist caregivers in order to sustain their level of support for others.


Individual & Group Support

Learning to use Tapping as a self-regulation skill can help bring more ease into everyday life. Clients are supported in their development and offered guidance with their most pressing concerns and given strategies for moving forward. Weekly small group sessions focus on using EFT/Tapping.

Getting Started is Easy


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I believe in you

Everyone can benefit from the healing power of EFT/Tapping. 

There is a core truth in all of us which often gets sidetracked by outside influences. It takes guidance and practice for us to trust and listen to our own inner knowing. Tapping is a tool that can help you connect to clarity and strength. It’s an easy to learn self-care skill that will support you for a lifetime.

"My first experience with tapping was with Susan. Her ability to make me feel at ease created a warm and open environment that allowed me to release the blocks that have been holding me back. After the tapping session was complete I felt a sense of clarity and renewed purpose. It was a wonderful experience.."

Wendi O’Neill – Mother & Entrepreneur

"I feel really supported when I work with Susan and it's made a huge difference. She's really listening...I can't recommend her enough"

Diana Jia – Founder of Intuitive Business Guidance

"When I got home I went right to my big project that was waiting for me and got it 99% finished-- and still had time for the smaller things that needed my attention. Tapping makes a difference!!""

"Susan has helped me to get through a recently-developed fear of flying and significant procrastination around money matters. She was able to identify issues and layers that I couldn’t see for myself. She guided me through tapping experiences that really helped me to break through. She brought a light touch to the work, even though we were treading into some dark places.It is my honor to endorse Susan Ahlstrom and to give her my highest recommendation as an EFT practitioner!!

Kate Freiman-Fox, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist